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Hey! I'm Dee

Iā€™m Dee, the face behind Nourish with Dee, a Clinical Nutritionist with a big ole passion for educating and empowering those in their health journey at whatever stage it is.

I live and breathe health in so many ways and what started as a hobby many years ago ended in a Degree qualification and multiple courses to which I love using to help people learn about their gut function and health goals.

Some of those look like:

šŸ Foundations of balanced meals

šŸ Digestion and gut concern

šŸ Assisting in preconception prep/postpartum care

šŸ Weight-loss/mindset

šŸ Blood sugar regulation for improved energy/mood

šŸ Understanding where to start when wanting to improve your health status in general

šŸ And SOOO much more!!

I treat with a mixture of science meets holistic evidence-based approach that includes food, supplementation, pathology, functional testing, individual lifestyle and diet assessments.

There's always more to every case being presented so unpacking underlying drivers for presenting health ailments light me up!

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