Nutrition Consultations


Please ensure you have selected your current time zone before proceeding with booking.

🍏 Consults are done 100% online.

🍏 Qualifications - Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic medicine)

🍏 Member of Australian Natural Therapies Association

🍏 Trained in Functional medicine - Analysis and interpretation of results

🍏 Special interest in women's health, hormones, fatigue, nutrition education and gut issues.

🍏 I also work with FIFO men and women having walked in that industry for 12 years.

As a Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in Women's Health, my professional focus is on the importance of Nutrition and nailing the fundamentals to help set up the lifestyle factors as the two work synergistically together in both my treatment plans and the way I educate my Clients.

To work with me, we start with an initial consultation that spans approx 60 minutes where by we ‘unpack’ the objectives of your WHY of changing your health and what brought you to seek out a Clinical Nutritionist. I'll let you in on a secret, it's often not what you are coming to me with and as we delve deeper, you'll see the links as I educate you.

New? Book in with an initial consultation, choose your timezone , fill out the intake form that will be sent to let me know a little bit about yourself before the consultation and jump on the call at the time you've booked. You will receive confirmation emails as well as reminder emails.

Please note due to being a small business and juggling a lot of life things, cancellations within 24 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee as I too juggle and prioritise my clients.


You may be able to claim a rebate through your health fund, depending on your level of extras cover. It is best to contact your health fund to determine what your rebate will be.