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I get it! I've donned the dusty red steel capped boots for years, taken a break and returned back to the old FIFO gig recently. I used to rely on coffee and knew that my sleep was going to be inadequate onsite and that I'd just catch up on RNR. Yeah that worked for a bit until it didn't and I was burnt out!

Fast forward to knowing better, doing better and just having a plan and I can say that the balance is working albeit a juggling act, I no longer have shitty sleeps onsite and feel that I can maintain my energy throughout the 12 hour days, leaving enough reserve to do the things I love on RNR - one of which is Nutrition Consults.

I've shared my top tips in a free download to help with some direction on where to start if you're feeling weighed down with the slug of the FIFO onsite life.

Download now and lets get you back on track feeling energetic and powering through your days. Also reach out through the booking link if you're wanting an in depth individually assessed consult specific to your needs - FIFO is my jam!

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Enjoy Your R&R as a FIFO Worker