Macronutrients are proteins, fats or carbohydrates and are required in large amounts in the diet for energy, body function and repair and growth.

Dee Lawson

9/25/20223 min read

Macronutrients are proteins, fats or carbohydrates and are required in large amounts in the diet for energy, body function and repair and growth. Fibre also come under the macronutrient banner and is super important for bowel movements, helping to lower cholesterol, metabolism of hormones, controls blood sugar and many other functions. Water is the last one and as we have 11 systems in the body that all require water, its pretty much the most important. A hydrated body will function more optimally than a dehydrated one, which is where a lot of people get into trouble with not enough intake.

How a meal is put together in a macro balanced manner, will help to nourish the body by helping with satiety and making sure the foundations of your meals are covered. For example a food with a higher sugar content is best paired with protein to help that sugar travel around the body to where it needs to go as the protein is the bus transporting the sugar. Sugar on its own will spike your insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity, but when paired with protein, it'll help regulate the insulin response which in turn will stabilise blood sugar. This may sound a bit technical, but its all relevant as to what and how you eat your food so as not to increase your risk of diseases or to help monitor them, as well as many other benefits.

A good macro balanced meal will have the following:


Oils, dressings, nuts, seeds, avocado. This is the ‘use less’ category in a meal but not denoting that its extremely important for lots of healthy fats especially pre conception


Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish, eggs, hemp seeds, tofu, tempeh. This is a ‘use moderately’ category, so general rule is the size of your palm.


Grains, legumes, root veges. This is the ‘use moderately’ category as will be the bulk of your meal and where a lot of nutrients and energy will come from. This is on par with your protein sizing.


Salads, veges, herbs. This is the ‘use more’ section in terms of carbs. This is the main part of your meal and where you can add more if you are wanting to eat more volume. Things like lettuce, pumpkin, tomatoes, leafy greens etc will bulk up your meals and deliver a lot of nutrients through these foods.

So with all that as a basic run down, I use the philosophy of macro balancing all my meals and snacks in order for me to feel more satiated (fuller for longer), nourished and to help support the body to function at its best. I've also learnt through trial and error that ensuring my meals are macro balanced, that it reduces my need to snack and helps with my energy levels throughout the day as my body isn’t needing to be constantly digesting from eating as often. I'm definitely partial to a snack when I genuinely feel I want it though!

Nutrition is about nourishment for the mind and body to be able to give you the sustenance needed to live your life. Eating real, whole foods as close to nature as possible is going to be the best source. A bonus if you learn to love the art of choosing nourishing foods each time you put ‘fuel’ into your beautiful body.