Struggling to drink enough water through winter? Here are five tips to help boost your hydration

Dee Lawson

8/1/20232 min read

I have been seeing my clients recently struggle with their water intake. You do generally feel less thirsty during winter as it’s colder, however keeping hydrated is just as important as it is in summer.

Did you know by the time you register that you are thirsty, you are generally already dehydrated.

That coupled with using heaters which further dehydrate us is a recipe for disaster.

Every function of the body and organ requires water, we even need water to feel energetic – hello daily energy slumps!

Here are 5 tips to help increase your fluid to boost your hydration, especially if you struggle with plain water intake;

💦 Reach for a warm glass of water upon waking. Find the biggest glass or mug in the house and add some lemon/lime/orange to it if you wish. This hydrates first thing as well as getting your digestive system working to help with your morning bowel motions.

💦 Take a pinch of salt in a glass of water if you’re waking up and getting straight into your day. This both hydrates after dehydrating overnight (especially if you are a mouth breather) as well as acts as an electrolyte to boost your energy and get your system fired up.

💦 Find a herbal tea that you like. Ideally caffeine free and something palatable that you enjoy. 2-3 cups of herbal tea a day help to increase your fluid as well as increasing nutrients from the ingredients. Organic tea bags or loose leaf is best.

💦 Add electrolytes to your water. This both increases the hydration level as well as adding a flavour for those who struggle with the taste of water.

💦 Use an app such as Water minder. You put all our data into the app and it sets reminders and keeps you on track to achieve your daily hydration for the day.

With having hotter showers, baths and using heaters, your skin is likely to feel more dry during winter so taking a look at your fluid intake for hydration is a great place to start.